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Why make your holidays comfortable and relaxing? Add some excitement and make it a thrilling experience with the best adventure resorts in Wayanad , Chateau woods. Chateau woods gives you the exhilaration of adventure as well as the easiness of a resort with a whole list of adventurous activities close to nature and which compel you to explore and love yourself. There is no other place in India which could give you a natural feast just like Wayanad. To get an adventurous as well as calming vacation, for family as well as honeymoon couples, in a single package, Chateau woods is the perfect choice in India.

Outdoor junkies will love maneuvering a hill in a four wheel drive in the adjoining hills, private waterfall, fishing in the natural lake in the property or just sinking in the easy chairs on the balcony and looking out at the orange skies as the Thollayaram (translated as 900 acres) mountains become dark silhouettes against them. While nature surrounds the Chateau Woods, the cottages and suites are an epitome of modern construction.

Off-roading in the jungle

This is one of the most thrilling activities that one can do from Chateau Woods, but it is certainly not for the fain hearted. Drive 9 kms towards the Thollayaram hills that can be seen from the property into the dense forest. Soon, the narrow paved road starts getting bumpy, eventually losing no sign of tar, just brown mud, large rocks and a gradient that would make you slightly nervous. With all the ingredients for a four-wheel drive, the driver shifts the gear and takes you for a ride of a lifetime. Bump along the path, stop at a viewpoint and eventually end at a peak where a small restaurant serves a few snacks in the middle of nowhere – then its back again!

Exclusive Waterfall

Just a five-kilometer drive away towards the nearby Soochipara falls, you can have a lazy picnic and enjoy the gurgling water rushing down tiered rocks at a private waterfall. Only Chateau Woods ' guests are allowed in this private property, so you can be sure that you will not be rubbing shoulders with other tourists. The pool that is formed below the waterfall is shallow and safe to swim in. Ensure that the kids are supervised at all times. A picnic basket can be arranged for so you can have a whole afternoon of fun here. This is one of the favourites with families.

Tea Factory

If you haven't seen tea processing, this is a great opportunity to do so. Meppadi has a small tea factory where one can see the sorting, drying, making and processing of tealeaves. There are a few shops from where one can buy fresh tea.

Village Walk

At Chateau Woods, you are in the heart of Kerala's rich countryside. Take a walk into the village to see local life at close quarters.

Best Season

The best season to visit Chateau Woods is the cooler months of October to February or the cathartic monsoons (July – September) when the hills are washed to reveal a brighter green than normal, when the mist clears

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