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Cliff Cottage

The cliff cottages lie behind the main building and can be reached by a short stepped walk through the tea plantations. There are two cottages that are larger than one but all provide the same luxurious views. These cliff cottages stand on iron stilts and have a small gate to keep children safe.

Cliff cottages are another way of providing a complete soul rejuvenation in Wayanad, in the middle of cool breeze and natural greenery along with birds chirping, in the most peaceful weather to enjoy a complete vacation. A perfect place providing family accommodation for a calm, peaceful and secluded living apart from normal resorts.

The rooms are cosy and have a small sit out. The cottages has excellent views of the Soochipara stream in a deep valley below. From here, you can hear the gurgling of the waterfall and watch the clouds fill this deep gorge. All the cottages are fringed with the forest.

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