Chateau Woods, best hotel in Wayanad. It has been ranked as the top 10 hotels in Wayanad, Kerala. A central dining hall which seats 20, overlooks the flower lined green patch in front of the property and the tea gardens that stretch beyond it. The magnificent view ensures that you stay and eat much more than you had planned. Ofcourse, the views are just an added touch to the otherwise delicious meals prepared by the chef. The food is focussed to introduce your palate to authentic Kerala cuisine. Expect puttu with kadala curry, appam and stew, nadan mathi curry and idiyappams combinations for breakfast. Lunch and dinner offers elaborate Kerala sadya (full meal) with special aviyal, koottu, paavaka, theeyal and inijii topped with Payasam for desert. The kitchen is also equipped to prepare selected North Indian dishes, Chinese and some Continental. Do discuss special preferences before arrival so adequate arrangements can be made.

A romantic candle lit dinner can be arranged exclusively on prior notice at chateau woods, one of the top 10 hotels in Wayanad. Delight your taste buds during your visit to the Cwoods one of the top 10 hotels in Wayanad with a space cordoned off just for a couple, the darkness of the valley, sound of silence and a candle lit meal sets the tone for a romantic evening. Birthdays can also be made special by a 12 o'clock cake as a surprise – do book this in advance.

It's always hard to choose among best hotels in Wayanad as food is not the only parameter to be considered. There are service, ambiance, and atmosphere which needs to be considered especially when it is a getaway from your daily routine. With a great view of greenery, enjoying the wonderful meals at Chateau woods is a pure magic. Our customers who love this magic have made us one among the top 10 hotels in Wayanad.

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