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Estate Bungalow

While thinking about a holiday in Wayanad with your loved ones, you can plan it in boutique resorts to feel like a home away from home. The tourism growth in Wayanad has resulted in the flourishing of resorts and various other vacation spots to attract more tourist including estate bungalow, eco-resorts, and several other resort categories to give different experiences for the tourists. Chateau woods is such a resort which can be included in the list of resorts, homestay, estate bungalow, boutique resorts, eco resorts etc.

Presidential Suite (with Jacuzzi)


The most high-end option of accommodation at Chateau Woods gives you an exotic experiencing of a Jacuzzi with a view of the tea plantations around. The double roomed, suite is perfect for the family. A separate spacious terrace with a sit out and a Jacuzzi are part of this. Inside, the same classic aesthetics of minimal colours and large well lit rooms runs. Tea and coffee maker, wooden closets, en suite bathroom with rain shower and specially ordered handmade soaps are part of the room. The larger room has a TV with cable connection. The presidential suite lies on the first floor of the central building.

Junior Suites

On the same floor as the presidential suite, the junior suite is also well suited for families as the two rooms have a connected door. There is no Jacuzzi, but the view of the tea plantations from the sit out is equally enthralling. The junior suite is also fitted with a TV with cable and has the amenities of a tea/coffee maker. Large glass windows are the best part of the rooms, as even if there is a nip in the air, you can enjoy the view from the comfort of your bed. The ensuite bathroom is furnished with toiletries, soft towels and follows the same high-end furnishings of the presidential suites.

Luxury Rooms

With each kind of room with its own unique charm, the two luxury rooms on the second floor of the central building are best if you want a terrace to yourself and excellent views of the blue mountains behind the tea gardens. These rooms are also fitted with tea/coffee maker, a spacious ensuite bathroom with rain shower and toiletries. The rooms are large enough to put an extra bed if needed.

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