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WAYANAD - The Green Paradise

Updated: Jun 29, 2019

Chembra Peak Wayanad
Chembra Peak Wayanad

Climb the twisted turns up to the scantily industrialised, naturally aesthetic, and the pleasant backdrops of the Land of Spices, Wayanad. A half paradise, widely known for it’s seductive natural beauty and local culture, Wayanad is the perfect spot for your getaways. Treat your eyes and heart with the unique natural blend of nature. Submerged in greenery and lush grasslands, the breathtaking scenic natural view and adventure spots are one of the Wayanad’s tourist attractions. A heaven to explorers, this place is not merely a destination where you feel tranquility and solace, but a way of culture and living itself. Kerala’s local culture and tradition are obvious from the livelihood of the natives of Wayanad.

Way up from Thamarassery Ghats, Wayanad shines with it’s dreamy landscapes, all drenched in mist and fog. A visual treat to your eyes, you’ll start wondering how the hill ranges are just kept enchanting. A land where culture, tradition and modernity live in harmony, it’s also where the least number of population including the tribes live with peace and unity.

Agriculture, being the backbone of the economy, tea estates, green meadows, spice gardens and dense tree tunnels add to the luxury of the land. An eco-friendly habitat is entertained as the major chunk of the natives make a livelihood by agriculture and cattle farming. Tea estates and plantations are so in luxury that the picturesque side of your self will love the spots. This is why Wayanad is the perfect nature’s calling for the urban travellers.

Blessed with rich water resources, it has a wide variety of tourist destinations, popular for its heritage and history. Have a look at the things to do at Wayanad. Here are the places you shouldn’t be missing while on a trip to the wonderland.

Places to Visit in Wayanad

1. An exciting day at Pookode lake ( boating, horse ride)

2. A climb to stone age Edakkal Caves

3. Hike to Kuruva Island ( river rafting, zip line )

4. Trekking to the heart lake at Chembra Peak

5. Climb the Banasura Hills

6. A day at the tea gardens, coffee estates

7. Wildlife Safari at Tholpetty

8. Visit the Jain temple

9. A wash at Meenmutti waterfalls

10. Adventure with Asdani Adventures

11. Visit Wayanad Heritage Museum

12. Bird watching at Pakshipathalam Bird Sanctuary

13. Visit Karappuzha Dam

14. Boating at Banasura Sagar Dam

15. Neelimala view point

16. Climb the Brahmagiri hills

17. Hike at Muneeshwaram Hills

18. Foggy morning at Lakkidi viewpoint

19. Kurumbalakkotta View point

20. Pazhassi raja history

21. Soochippara waterfalls

22. Spiritual awakening at Thirunelli Temple

23. A wash at Papa Nashini river

24. Kanthanpara waterfalls

25. Vellarimala

27. Aranamala Peak

28. Karlad Lake Kayaking


How to Reach Wayanad

Wayanad is an easily accessible, developing district that can be reached by road, rail and air. Even though, there’s no railway station and airport in here, as it’s a hill station, the roads are well connected with both public and private transportation from in and outside kerala.

How to reach Wayanad by road:

Wayanad Ghat Road
Thamaraserry Churam

From Calicut to Wayanad:

The most common and popular way is to Climb the Thamarassery ghats. Private and public transports are available in plenty. You can even ride on a bike if you’re a rider. Calicut- Mananthavadi buses are very common by this route.

There are buses available to the south, Sulthanbathery, from Calicut.

Another option to reach in here is to climb the Kuttiyadi Ghats, which’s a less rushy, less risky ghats compared to the other. Public buses are available in this region as well.

From Bangalore to Wayanad :

A breathtaking ride for 7 hours will stop you at Wayanad from Bangalore. You can even chose an overnight bus ride from Bangalore to Wayanad and then you’re there in the morning.

From Mysore to Wayanad:

The easiest way to reach here from Mysore is to take a road trip at Kutta road that connects Mananthavady or a twist at Bandhipur National Park. You’re expected to sight wild animals on the go, if you’re crossing the forest.

You can even enter in to Karnataka through Nagarhole National Park, a home to Tigers and Leopards.

From Chennai to Wayanad:

If you’re starting from Chennai, Tamilnadu, you’ll have to reach Coimabatore by rail or road, and then accelerate in to Ooty and reach at Wayanad by Bandhipur National Park. Even though, the journey is quite long and tiring, it will be worth a try since the ride inside a forest, especially on foggy evening or a misty morning will reward you with the pleasure you’re seeking.

How to reach Wayanad by air:

Calicut International Airport is located almost 100 km away from Wayanad. Many domestic and International flights are available here.

Kannur International Airport is a recent innovation towards the development, which’s been located almost 108 km from Wayanad. If you’re travelling from any country, there is plenty of Taxi services available from the Airports.

How to reach Wayanad by Rail:

Calicut Railway Station is the nearest Railway station at a distance of 86 km. The Railhead has access to almost all the major cities in the country. The road from the Railway station to Wayanad is well connected with both State buses and private buses.

Once you reach at Wayanad, there are private buses or jeeps connecting to all the native places.


Weather in Wayanad

Early morning wayanad
Tea Plantations - Wayanad

The weather is very pleasant round the year, that tourists find it cool for getaways in any season.

Winter at Wayanad:

Nevertheless, the pleasant weather duration during the months from October to February are considered to be the peak time. It’s very cold in winter that almost ranges to a 10 degree. Tourists often visit here during December aiming the cold weather. They find the weather apt for hiking, trekking and even camping. It’s the period when the wildlife sightseeing is possible at its best. Wildlife photographers rushes to Wayanad during this season for the perfect pictures to their albums.

Summer at Wayanad:

The major attraction of Summer in Wayanad is that you have magical fireflies flickering all around the land. Nights during summer are repleted with such lovely gatherings of fireflies on trees which is a visual treat to the eyes of the tourists. People often come here during summer to catch a glimpse of fireflies weaving their own pattern in nature. Mornings here are always foggy and cold, no matter what the season is. Summer months, March to May is relatively hot but the beauty of the nature is maintained. It does pour during summer even though it’s hot and humid.

Monsoon at Wayanad:

Wayanad is wet and cold during the monsoon. Torrential down pours is very common during this season. Nature is way too enchanted and beautifully aligned in this season. Off-roading and trekking is adventurous as the presence of leaches is inevitable. Tourists who visit Wayanad during monsoon should have precautionary steps taken towards this.


Adventures in Wayanad

Wayanad is a place composed of adventure and it extends the traveller various adventures like hiking, camping, trekking etc., with an adrenalin dash to try out different adventure. For a person who seeks the adventure in Wayanad, there are splendid adventure activities you seek. feel free to look into the wide varieties of options, like trekking at banasura peak, Bamboo Rafting at Kuruva Island, Wildlife Safari at Tholpetty, Sunrise hike at Kurumbalakkotta hills and Boating at Banasura Sagar Dam. Still, this is not the end for the endless adventure.


Hotels, Home stays and Resorts in Wayanad

Planning to stay at Wayanad for the weekend? Then it's not something that you shouldn’t be worrying about. Wayanad offers a handful of choices regarding the stay from home stays to hotels to resorts to even hostels. OYO rooms are available at Wayanad, which would be a perfect choice for random travellers. Budget and solo travellers can find hostels which charges very less. Home stays are available in plenty at Wayanad. You can choose them for overnight stays if you’re with friends or even with family. The richness in the folklore and the culture of Southern Kerala sleeps soundly amidst in the mountain ranges and local life. The choice is all yours.

Wayanad is also home to auspicious resort culture, widely popular for the offers of nature’s splendor and it’s hosting. Lot of them has roots inside wildernesses. If you are worried about a location for a family trip or an elegant honeymoon suite, there is nothing to worry about. Chateau Woods is one of the finest resorts that meets your plans and requirements with the best luxurious rooms and service. The resort, rooted at Meppadi, Wayanad , is an elegant construction made amidst the woods exclusively for family getaways and couples. If you have plans about conducting family reunion in a resort at Wayanad, this would be the best choice. The luxury resort offers great privacy for the customers, and would be a perfect choice for resting your head from the hustles and bustles of the city life. Chateau woods is a perfect choice to people who’re looking for a distinct encounter to feel nature. Completely equipped and furnished luxurious rooms are one of the main attractions. The stay at the resorts between the tea and coffee estates will be a pleasant experience of being at Wayanad.

There is also another excellent alternative for your getaway if it is with the search for the local culture and food. The cultural cuisine which is available in the resort is an authentic follow up of native's culture. The authentic cuisines of Wayanad, such as Malabari Biriyani to special Coconut porridge are a real treat to your heart and mouth. Our restaurant have different varieties of cultural food items that will make you feel awe and leap the taste in your taste buds

Engage yourself in escape to the absolute beauty of nature. Leave yourself to indulge by the serenity of nature. Rejuvenate yourself and reconstruct your mind and soul. There’s not a better space like this, for all your cravings for adventures and your dreams of a peaceful travel.

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